PATIENTSTORIES uses digital and broadcast media approaches to provoke debate about safety and patient experience in healthcare.


Beth's Story

A moving and challenging documentary about the Bowen family following the tragic death of Bethany during ‘routine’ surgery and subsequent sudden death of father Richard aged 31, following the trauma of his daughter’s death and the ‘torture’ of the inquest. Watch Film →


Joshua's Story

Joshua Titcombe died as a result of serious failings in his care. He was just 8 days old.

Based on the testimony of James Titcombe OBE, Joshua’s father, the film documents the experience of the Titcombe family during Joshua’s tragically short life. It also outlines their subsequent fight for proper investigation into Joshua’s care, and the failure of the governance and regulatory systems to learn from error. Watch Film →


Julie's Story

Julie Carman was involved in a road traffic accident whilst on a cycling holiday, suffering injuries to her face, jaw and legs. After making a good initial recovery and expecting to be back at work within three months - three years later she is still having treatment having experienced two further emergency admissions to hospital due to acute cellulitis and sepsis. Watch Film →



Paul's Story

When Paul Richards was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma his family were stunned by the news.

This powerful film is based on the testimony of Lisa, Paul’s wife who gives a moving account of the events that led to Paul’s death and explores the effects on their family. Watch Film →


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