What we are aiming to do…

PATIENTSTORIES is a social enterprise which uses digital, broadcast and social media approaches to provoke debate about quality issues in healthcare.

Whether gained from personal or professional experience (or a combination of both) all the contributors to PATIENTSTORIES have an intimate knowledge of quality and safety issues in healthcare.

By combining the courage and generosity of the people involved in the incidents that are the subject of our films, and the professional skill and sensitivity of our writers, film-makers, journalists and improvement advisors, we think we have some powerful tools to offer anyone interested in setting a new tone for their work around quality and safety.

Our films are now being used with a wide range of audiences ranging from undergraduate doctors, nurses and AHPs; frontline NHS clinical teams; aspiring and established clinical leaders and executives; by campaign and pressure groups; in  local, regional, national and international contexts.

The feedback has been very encouraging and the debate generated has been wide and various.

Of course everyone sees different things in these stories and relates the learning in different ways to their practices and work situations.

You can read more about the philosophy and ideas behind our approach here.

How we fund our work…

PATIENTSTORIES is run on a “non-profit” social enterprise basis, meaning that any surplus – after our costs – is re-invested to develop our work.

Our start-up funds to establish the website, make our first series of films and develop our learning resources were provided via our parent company, AndersonWallace ltd.  AndersonWallace Ltd continues to provide financial support by covering our main overheads costs and underwriting our development costs.

Our revenues are slowly growing as we develop licensing agreements with NHS Trusts, Academic Institutions, learning and development networks and training and development companies.