Joshua’s Story


This film documents the experience of the Titcombe family during Joshua’s tragically short life. It also outlines their subsequent fight for proper investigation into Joshua’s care, and the failure of the governance and regulatory systems to learn from error. Watch Film →

Beth’s Story


In this moving and challenging documentary we tell the story of the Bowen family following the tragic death of Bethany during ‘routine’ surgery and subsequent sudden death of father Richard aged 31, following the trauma of his daughter’s death and the ‘torture’ of the inquest. Watch Film →

Julie’s Story


In this short film Julie explains how a series of “everyday” communication failures conspired to create delays in her receiving effective treatment. These delays and the resultant risk to her life led to a slower physical and psychological recovery and in Julie’s view were very probably avoidable. Watch Film →

Why sorry doesn’t have to be the hardest word…


In this article, recently published in the British Medical Journal,  Jane Feinmann,  Medical Journalist & PATIENTSTORIES regular contributor explores why “being open”, despite significant effort and attention is proving such a struggle for the NHS. The Command paper published on Monday 20th June 2012 suggested that a statutory “duty of candour” would form part of […]

The art and science of apology


Speaking shortly after the publication on his Inquiry report Robert Francis QC reflected on his experience of the complaints system at Stafford Hospital saying: “Complaints were made but depressingly there was a pattern. There would be a  complaint, there would be a formal response and an apology plus an action plan that would not be […]

Beth’s Story – Comment and Analysis…


We have now launched three new short films which explore the lessons that can be learnt from the tragic and powerful story of Bethany Bowen (as told by Clare Bowen in our film “Beth’s Story“) These films explore a range of issues illustrated by the film with analysis from expert commentators including journalist and broadcaster […]

NEW – PATIENTSTORIES Guides for Facilitators


PATIENTSTORIES has just produced a range of Facilitator’s Guides to accompany each of our films.  These have been designed specifically to complement Beth’s Story, Julie’s Story and Peter’s Story and help those using our films to explore key themes.  Each guide suggests formats for facilitated sessions and offers prompter questions to elicit further discussion and […]

Re-Presenting Experience


Last month in collaboration with the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford and with financial support from the Health Foundation, PATIENTSTORIES co-hosted a dinner and one day meeting to share and explore different methods and approaches associated with representing experience. Participants from a wide range of organisations who use creative media in […]



Murray Anderson-Wallace  Whilst most practitioners, managers and clinicians might accept that the experience of the people that they care for and treat is an important aspect of patient safety improvement, the practices associated with this work are still relatively new and underdeveloped. Engaging patients, relatives and carers in ways that use their knowledge and experience […]

Stories lived, stories told…


PATIENTSTORIES is all about culture change. Whilst most practitioners, managers and clinicians see experiences of patients as an important aspect of patient safety improvement, the practices associated with this work are still relatively new and underdeveloped. Engaging patients, relatives and carers in ways that use their knowledge and experience to directly influence and build the […]

Is an obsession with natural childbirth putting mothers and babies in danger?


By Jane Feinmann There is no doubt that for most women in this country, childbirth remains a safe and happy experience. But it is also true that for too many, it is a highly risky and frankly horrific experience. Stories abound of mothers-to-be left alone in labour, sometimes refused pain relief or surgical intervention, putting […]

Private Eye launches “Whistleblowing” website …


We recently supported the launch of the new Private Eye sponsored website The website features many accounts of those who have tried to raise concerns about standards of care and patient safety but have struggled to be heard. PATIENTSTORIES contributed a written account of Beth’s Story which illustrates the role that assertive patients and […]

The Tales of Two Treatments…


by Phil Hadridge The same hospital One of the very best in the NHS They say Within 3 days Two people Two treatments One involved stitching a gashed chin A running accident The other a rapid assessment with an invasive and non-invasive test What was striking? The quality of the fabric – clean, tidy The […]

Jane Feinmann on the importance of open disclosure…


Telling the truth – how patients’ stories can teach doctors the importance of open disclosure by Jane Feinmann When Clare Bowen’s daughter Bethany died during routine surgery in 2006 aged five years old, the tragedy could hardly have got worse. But it did. Just 19 months later, Clare’s husband, Richard, died of a heart attack […]