Re-Presenting Experience

Last month in collaboration with the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford and with financial support from the Health Foundation, PATIENTSTORIES co-hosted a dinner and one day meeting to share and explore different methods and approaches associated with representing experience.

Participants from a wide range of organisations who use creative media in the health and social care context gathered at the former home of Sir William Osler (now part of Green Templeton College & home of the Reuters Institute for Journalism) to explore the question “How can the re-presentation of patient experience act as a catalyst for change?”

In addition to sharing our practice – which includes approaches as diverse as drama, documentary, digital story-telling, investigative &  broadcast journalism, digital / on-line interaction, comedy, academic and health policy research – we also challenged, debated and discussed a range of key ethical issues associated with our work.

The discussions were documented using “visual minutes” created by James Munro and Karen Smithson of Creative Connections.  A more detailed account of the event will be published shortly.





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