1. Gillian’s family have shown great courage in sharing their mum’s story. Gillian, a lady, who managed a long term condition with skill and dignity did all in her power to keep as well as possible for many many years and when she needed extra help she was let down. Again it seemed to be a case of “everyone else thought someone else was doing something”. This is our NHS and we should all hang our heads in shame around the way she and her family were treated.

    The lack of care plan for Gillian’s discharge, after numerous meetings and 3 months, is shameful for all concerned. It’s a real worry for the future for us all in the forthcoming NHS changes from April as in my view there will be even more opportunity for these types of errors to occur unless people step up and take responsibility particularly when care is provided between health and social care and across many interfaces.

  2. very sad and unacceptable and one can see how easily this may be occuring locally except this Trust takes ulcers very seriously. the fragmentation of services between acute and community should be reviewed.

  3. Please could you tell me if you have any copy of the book left…Amazon no longer have it available – not on ebay either.
    Thanking you,
    With best wishes,
    Gill Allen.

    • As far as we are aware Gillian’s book is no longer in print and there are no remaining copies.

  4. Thank you for making this video – it is now being used as part of the NHS Leadership Academy training programme.

    Many aspects of care have improved within the NHS since Gillian died; there are still many areas where poor care exists, where patients are moved about a system that doesn’t know how to engage, how to communicate with families or patients. Holistic care is growing in the NHS and is the only way to provide the care for people with long-term conditions.

    I don’t know why more people don’t know about this website!

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